By following our Instructions video you'll see how to easly adjust featured showcase for Steam Profile.

Steam profile showcase not showing

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This profile update is buggy af. . . However, the game doesn't show up.

The text saying "Artwork Showcase" is not there, but that is the case with everyone.

profile showcases not showing up I bought the achievement showcase recently on steam but it isn't working.

However the best thing you could do is either play with the Bug by trying all kinds of things like turn on off the showcase, add or remove achievements and a bunch of other random stuff until its finally fixed.

20 days ago.


If you&39;d like to see more of these type of videos, let me know in the commentsCODE TO RE.

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Answer (1 of 2) Currently, there are no tools on Steam to do this.
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Please note, you won't be able to select this showcase until you have at least one artwork uploaded to your Steam account.

Steam users are now able to add their Steam Replay 2022 showcase to their profiles, showing off their most-played games for the year. .

1) Make sure you are at least Steam Level 10. 30.


2) Go to your profile and click Edit Profile 3) Click Featured Showcase then select Achievement Showcase from the dropdown menu. .

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However, the game doesn't show up.

20 days ago.

Same here, I had a Level 3 rarest achievement showcase and it just vanished. Then the next day it would return. Seems like a rather specific Bug which means that It might not be easy to find Help here. Yeah numbers keep changing, like droj mentioned above.

So like my achievements go from 17k to 54k all because of that. Not sure if you need a level 10 steam account to. Join. .


Jan 19, 2023 Published Jan 19, 2023. Just bought the game "Sweet Girl Adventure" (silly, I know) because of all of the letter achievements to spell something out on my profile. The level up is only for your existing showcases so that a.

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Redeem one of the Additional Showcases as well.

Idle Master Video httpswww. Achievement hunter community has created several websites to track and show off your Steam. im trying to add an artwork showcase, and when I add my artwork into the showcase it works fine, and I save.

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This profile update is buggy af. rSteam. com. It's also true in the case of Steam achievements not unlocking.